12 Week Beginners Course Roundhay


12 WEEK 

Our 12-week Beginners course consists of 12 weekly sessions, (1 session per week) and will prepare you with the skills to trade as a barber full time once you complete the course.

There are 8 spaces available on this course; each student will have their station and chair to work from and can use the entire duration of the course.

You will be able to gain essential practical skills with as much guidance as required from our master barbers.

Demonstrations and skills during this course are exhibited by our master barber and director, Tonie (@Tonie_Leo on Instagram).

The classes take place at our new Jax Academy Home – Street Lane, LS8 2AL. This course will take place at 6:30 pm onwards, thus allowing students to continue with current employment.


We are now able to offer NVQ's as part of our education programme at Jax. The NVQ option will work in the same manner as the current 12 week course, except there will be a little more written theory work to complete, there will also be a cost to upgrade to the NVQ Level 2 certificate, the cost for the NVQ course will be £3,999. Simply click on the date that you would like to start and then click either 12 week course or NVQ 12 week course. Please note, if you do not pass your final exam, you will be given an opportunity to re-take.

If additional information is required, contact @jaxbarbershops on Instagram or via email: info@jaxbarbershops.co.uk.

Please note: we ask each student to bring their own model. However we can try to accommodate those who are struggling.


  • Ascending / Descending graduation
  • Understanding of different hair types and hair pattern growth
  • Clipper/Scissor over comb
  • Razor Fades
  • Beard Fades
  • Trigger Play
  • Scissor Cuts
  • Steps to a flawless fade
  • Much More!





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*please note that any courses that fall over Christmas/ New years will skip a week and continue the following week*

**Please Note: NVQ Options are only available on Wednesdays**


Where will the course be held?

What time is the course?

How many spaces per course?

Will I be able to do the course if I have never cut hair before?

What if I struggle to get a model?

Do you offer refunds if I can no longer attend that date.

What if I fail my NVQ exam?

I can't afford all the money at once what can I do?

What will I learn?

How does the course work?

Why has it changed from 10 to 12 weeks?