12 Week Advanced Course – JaxBarbershops

12 Week Advanced Course





This course will prepare you to trade as a barber full time in just 10 weeks. The course is aimed at complete beginners,  we are sure that you will be equipped with the necessary skills to cut hair full time upon completion of this course.

There are only 4 spaces available on this course, meaning you will have valuable 1 to 1 time with our master barber and can ask as many questions as you please. Each pupil will be allocated their own barber chair so can spend the entire time gaining essential practical skills with as much guidance as required.

Please note, we ask that each pupil bring their own model – however, we can try our best to accommodate those who are struggling to find a model but we will need to know this in advance. 

  • Learn Ascending / Descending graduation
  • Understanding of different hair types and hair pattern growth
  • Clipper over comb work
  • Razor fades
  • Beard fades
  • Trigger play
  • Scissor cuts
  •  & Much more

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Can you already cut men's hair? Do you already trade as a barber but want to refresh or advance your skills? If so, this is the course for you.

Please note, we do not recommend this course to beginners and advise that you contact us prior to purchasing to ensure your skill level is adequate for an advanced skill set. Any contact can be made via info@jaxbarbershops.co.uk - if you email us your name + contact information, we will call you back.

There are 6 spaces available on this course. Each student will have their own station + chair to work from and use for the duration of the course.

So what will I learn?

This course will cover all aspects of men's haircut and styling experience. This will be from fades and shorter styles, through to longer scissor cuts.

We will focus on advanced techniques and go through each hair cut with a fine-tooth comb to help iron out small issues that may not usually be noticed by the average barber.

What will I need?

You will need all of the usual equipment that you use but please ensure you have the following as a minimum:

- Clippers

- Mini Clippers

- Cut Throat Razor

- Combs

- Brushes

- Gown

- Water Spray

- Hairdryer

- Clipper Guards

- Scissors

- Neck Brush


Once you pass your course, you will be given a Jax Barbershop Advanced Skills certificate.


Starting Time: 11am Mondays. 1 Session per week.


(Click on the desired Course Date to book your slot)

*please note that any courses that fall over Christmas/ New years will skip a week and continue the following week*

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