Charity – JaxBarbershops


ON December 9/10th @tonie_leo & @jackbateson94 Will be visiting a refugee camp in Calais, France. There are currently around 700 refugees living in and around Calais. They are sleeping rough in the worst conditions and are not allowed to even have tents for shelter from the elements. Their sleeping bags and possessions are regularly confiscated by the police as, since the closure of the ‘Jungle’ camp in October 2016, the authorities are determined to prevent another permanent camp from reforming. These people had jobs and earn a living just like us but were forced from their homes, having fled war, dictatorships, persecution and political oppression in North Africa & the middle east…”No human beings should be left to live like this”But we can make a difference! With your help, we will be able to provide humanitarian aid. Tonie & Jack will aim boost morale in camp as well as giving free haircuts for 48hrs! Your donations will go towards the following: Food, Clean Water, Clothes for the winter months Tents Toiletries& Toys for the children Any donations in the store are greatly appreciated! You can also donate using the link below